December 17, 2015

SOLUTIONS Technologies 2030 workshop: trends and consequences of future chemical pollution

Can changes in demography, availability and use of water resources, technology and/or economy, climate and others, alter the pattern of chemical substances released into the environment? It is possible -at least to a certain degree- to predict future emerging pollutants? The SOLUTIONS Work Package “Pollution of tomorrow” aims to answer these questions based on scenarios of human societal development.

SOLUTIONS held the last of a sequence of four workshops entitled “Technologies 2030” and organized by Dirk Bunke from the OEKO Institute for Applied Ecology – Germany. This workshop focused on innovations in technologies which play a central role in enhancing the efficiency of processes and products. New materials are constantly being developed, and form the basis of the majority of new product innovations. Printable electronics, metallic matrix composites, technical textiles and switchable shading systems are only some examples. Does this automatically mean that we can expect parallel releases of new substances into the environment?

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