March 28, 2017

SOLUTIONS + FRAM + NORMAN Methodologies for prioritising hazardous chemicals in European waters

Series of SOLUTIONS Workshop on Prioritization Methodologies:

SOLUTIONS  jointly held with the Centre for Future Chemical Risk Assessment and Management Strategies -FRAM- of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, its second workshop aimed to explore options for integrating assessments of mixture toxicity and cumulative risks of chemicals in the aquatic environment into prioritization procedures under the EU Water Framework Directive – WFD.

The workshop brought together SOLUTIONS partners and advisors, FRAM members and advisors, and invited external experts from science, regulation and other stakeholder groups.

Watch video presentations and find the 2nd workshop documentation here

SOLUTIONS  jointly held with the Network of reference laboratories, research centres and related organisations for monitoring of emerging environmental substances -NORMAN- its first workshop on methodologies for prioritising hazardous chemicals in European waters: the state of play and the need for improvement.

More than 60 experts in a wide variety of fields – including biology, ecotoxicology and analytical chemistry – from across Europe and North America engaged in very active discussion of what works – and what doesn’t work today – in the prioritisation of hazardous contaminants. They explored more effective ways to identify the contaminants of greatest concern for our aquatic ecosystems and their effects on human health.

Find more information about the 1st workshop and documentation here