About EI

Environmental Institute, s.r.o. is an environmental management, research and consulting company. EI experts participate in projects funded by national governments and/or institutions of the European Union, UNDP/GEF, World Bank, international river basin authorities, NATO and industries. EI has participated in numerous EU-funded projects incl. AWACSS, TRAP-NAS, WARP, VIRM, WEKNOW (FP5), AQUATERRA, EAQC-WISE, SOCOPSE, NORMAN (FP6), AQUAREHAB and EDA-EMERGE (FP7). EI was appointed as one of the European Centres of Excellence in the drinking water sector; since 2006 provides as a consortium member technical assistance to the EC for the implementation of WFD in EU Member States. EI is a founding member of the NORMAN Association dealing with emerging substances at the EU-scale in support of DG ENV of the EC.


Okruzna 784/42,
97241 KOS,

Role in the SOLUTIONS project

  • Lead of Sub-Project Cases
  • Lead of WP19 “Danube River Basin case study”

Main scientific contributions

  • Danube River Basin case study
  • Prioritisation of River Basin Specific Pollutants
  • Effect-directed analysis
  • Determination of target and identification of non-target pollutants
  • NORMAN EMPODAT database
  • SOLUTIONS database

Member portraits

Jaroslav Slobodnik

Jaroslav Slobodnik is SOLUTIONS sub-project leader (subproject Case studies and work package Danube Case Study) and director of Environmental Institute, s.r.o. . His research targets on implementation of the EU water legislation within numerous international projects. Among his specialisations are integrated river basin management, development of monitoring strategies and environmental analytical chemistry. He is frequently responsible for the design of the web-based environmental information and data management systems. Jaroslav Slobodnik was a technical coordinator of Joint Danube Survey 3 and a Member of Supervisory Board in the frame of EDA-EMERGE http://www.eda-emerge.eu/. Since 2008 he is a Chairman of the NORMAN Association.