University of Campinas was founded in 1966, has 6 campi, has 18,000 undergrad students and 12,000 grad students. It has 1,800 professors and 8,000 non faculty staff. The Ecotoxicology and Environmental Microbiology Lab (LEAL) located in the School of Technology, Campus I of LImeira is involved in SOLUTIONS.


Rua Paschoal Marmo 1888,
13484-332 Limeira,

Role in the SOLUTIONS project

  • Help in the identification of mutagenic samples and verify the application of diagnostic strains in Effect Directed Analysis

Main scientific contributions

  • Discovery of mutagenic compounds and development of a bioassay integrated approach for Effect Directed Analysis.

Member portraits

Gisela de Aragão Umbuzeiro

Gisela is involved in the SOLUTIONS with funding from FAPESP (Research Agency of the State of São Paulo). FAPESP Project 13/16956-6

Fabio Kummrow

Young investigator

Daniel Alexandre Morales

PhD student funded by CAPES, Brazil

Lenita Busch

Secretary of Research Projects